About Me.

My priority is serving Detroiters, making sure that we support all our residents and make our community stronger. Detroiters are facing many issues, and I am running to be the people’s voice by:

·         Fighting to strengthen our neighborhoods by bringing American Rescue Plan dollars to homeowners and restructuring the home repair loan program into a grant-based program

·         Reallocating Community Development Block Grant funding directly to community-based organizations and block clubs, putting the people’s money into the people’s hands

·         Reforming our police department to ban the use of racist technologies like facial recognition and military-grade equipment, moving those dollars into hiring & paying a fair wage to Detroiters to join the department

·         Improving collaboration between the Detroit Health Department and the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority to bring more mental health services to Detroiters

·         Championing environmental justice, holding polluters accountable, and strengthening city ordinances to protect our air, land, and water

I have a track record of success, bringing millions of dollars back to our community in the Michigan Legislature, and I will bring that experience to Council.

-Mary Waters