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MARY WATERS is a breast cancer survivor and President and
founder of Survivors Still Serving. She is former President of Sisters
Network Greater Metropolitan Detroit Chapter and one who served us
for 3 history making terms in the Michigan House of Representatives.
Mary was the 1 st  African American female floor leader in the history of
that body where Mary was on the job for Detroit earning respect for her
perfect attendance record leaving a legacy of integrity, honor & hard
work. Waters notable legislation included steering millions of dollars to
Detroit securing appropriation votes while helping slow the stripping of
our buildings and electrical fixtures by passing a bill to penalize those
who stole and that enable copper strippers (Copper Theft PA 675); She
introduced expungement House Bills 5393 and 4327 in an effort to give
people a second chance. She included various community leaders.


Mary Waters believes you leave a place better off than it was when you
arrived. As Democratic Leader Waters campaigned all over Michigan
securing a majority for House Democrats resulting in better treatment
for Detroit; Mary understands politics is about economics & worked
hard to ensure that people got jobs, appointments &  Detroit Businesses
had opportunity to grow with State cooperation when Waters
served.  Waters helped Detroiters without dental insurance receive free
dental exams and cleanings annually founding Operation Dental Flush.


Building on a work ethic honed working the cotton fields of Alabama in
grade school; Mary Waters attended Detroit Northern High & Sherrard
Junior High Schools and earned an accounting certification from the
Detroit Business Institute prior to graduating from the University of
Michigan with a B.A. Degree. Waters work experiences include
Instructor for Wayne County Community College, Blue Cross Blue
Shield Corporate Communications, The Children’s Center Resource
Development Coordinator, Ombudsman for the Wayne County
Prosecutor’s office, and serving as a Guest Teacher for numerous school
districts; As a Breast Cancer survivor Mary continues to volunteer with
Sisters Network to help younger & older women deal with that
devastating disease because she knows that early detection saves lives.

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